Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Pythagorean Law of Religion and Psychology

Once Traumology is understood, the title above leads to personal books, articles, stories, movies, and music.

Pythagorean Theorem needs to be curved to Earth's curvature.  The trinities of Ego, Super Ego, and Id are the religious trinities' results on psychology.  It leads to predictable behavior and is the reason trinities are frequently "marketed" by the powerful.

Descartes' seat of the soul you might imagine your brain's pineal gland being a container for your soul.  Bouncing around in there and blocked by the Pythagorean triangle described by the trinities.  The synapses of your brain are in 3s...  (that is an imagination game with good creative consequences)

On the adoptive origins of Traumology and applicability to other traumas

While the oscillation described below applies to ALL trauma victims, the terms "worthless" and "special" were chosen due to my adoption. "Worthless" from my natural mother giving me away. "Special" from my adoptive parents treating me as such.

So, feel free to choose your own terms. It is basically "superior vs. inferior" or "better vs. garbage". Both of which lead to slavery.