Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Birth trauma

This applies to all people, but some experience more trauma than others.  A c-section or adoption, or other separation is difficult to locate and difficult to heal.  This is one possible solution:

Draw a cartoon of each stage in the birth.  Use logic or imagination or ask questions about the events to try and reconstruct a frame-by-frame cartoon of your birth.


Frame 1 is your mother pregnant with you in a hospital bed.
Frame 2 is your mother in stirrups.
Frame 3 is your mother giving birth with the doctor assisting.
Frame 4 is the doctor handing you to a nurse.  Were there injections?  

At each stage, try to remember who was in the room and what might have been said.  Put a cartoon bubble on the possible words.

When you think you have the basics, close your eyes and step into each frame in your imagination.  Try to imagine what it felt like.  Each frame.

How did you feel when you were inside the womb?  When you came out of the womb?  Use your imagination to try to access the primitive emotions that were imprinted upon you at the time of your birth.  You might have to rewrite the frames several times until if "feels" right.

You might find that some of your "horny" words were actually spoken at the time of your birth.  Do you have a sexual attraction for fat men?  Was your doctor fat?  Was there a tonality you remember?

Under natural conditions, the mother might have an assistive mid-wife or the father.  Birth did not occur in hospitals with veritable strangers.

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