Saturday, March 20, 2010

Healing the brain while finding your true self

Traumology replaces psychiatry and renders it obsolete. No psycho-analysis necessary. No drugs.

Refuse to treat others as worthless to make yourself feel special.
Refuse to treat others as special because it will make you feel worthless.
Refuse to treat yourself as worthless to make up for feelings of special.
Refuse to treat yourself as special to later self-enforce feelings of worthless.

Following those 4 guidelines will place you on a path of balance. This allows your brain to heal trauma.

Drink filtered water only. Room temperature. Women's source of migraines is dehydration.
Eat meat. Rare steak and hamburgers. Baked potatoes and hashbrowns. Salads are good for cleaning out your body, but don't contain enough nutrition.

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