Saturday, March 20, 2010

What is Traumology?

Traumology is the study and resolution of trauma. Both physical and brain trauma is included, however my focus is the resolution of brain/mind trauma.

All people who have been traumatized exhibit a specific behavioral pattern: an oscillation between feelings of worthlessness and special. Adoptees, rape victims, or emotional abusees all repeat that behavior.

Ask yourself:
Why do you treat others as worthless just to make yourself feel special? To bolster your ego and feel better about yourself, trauma victims exhibit this behavior to get them through their day.

Who do you treat as special that makes yourself feel worthless? That could be father or authority or mother.

People, especially women, frequently oscillate between worthless and special in their own lives. Treating themselves to shopping trips and having a car accident on the way home. Many women service men sexually in the hope the man will say no, lift them up and make them whole again. Emotionally, they are waiting for their father to say no.

How many no's equals yes?
How many yes's equals no?
How many times must a woman service a man before he realizes he's not gay?
How many times must a woman service a man before he feels better?

A woman says "no" repeatedly to avoid responsibilty for their behavior.
A woman says "yes" repeatedly in the hope he will say no, thereby finding a source of trust.

IMO, many women are locked down emotionally and intellectually due to sexual trauma during childhood. They spend the rest of their lives treating others as special while making themselves feel worthless. They treat others (frequently stronger people) as worthless to make themselves feel special and get themselves through their day.

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