Saturday, March 20, 2010

Traumology is the cure for psychiatry

Psychiatrists go into psychiatry to resolve their own issues. Rarely do they resolve them and frequently they use the practice to make themselves feel better while treating their patients as worthless.

Profitable Psychiatry is usually focused on either psycho-analysis or symptom treatment (eg. SSRIs).

SSRIs are useful in emergency situations to give the patient temporary relief from their trauma. This allows the patient to see themselves as they could be. If they keep a journal describing their emotions for a few months, and then quit the SSRI (Paxil, Prozac, etc.), they will have a before and after for comparison. Contrary to standard psychiatric guidelines, SSRIs should be quit suddenly. As the SSRI leaves the patient's brain over a few weeks, the patient might experience feelings of electrical shock in the brain. These are not painful, but are a bit disconcerting if misunderstood. Those zaps or shocks are simply brain synapses re-activating. Those synapses are learned behavior that was temporarily alleviated or routed around during the time under the influence of the SSRI. Behavioral patterns associated with those synapses will return, however the patient will have formed new synapses while under SSRI influence. Those new synapses can be consciously re-enforced as the patient reminds themselves of the emotions and experiences during treatment. As said before, SSRIs should ONLY be used in emergency conditions where the patient does not have hope for resolution to their trauma.

The best solution to resolving emotional trauma is to consciously recognize one's own behavioral pattern that oscillates between feelings of worthless and special. Don't treat others as either as the opposite will be returned. Similarly, don't treat yourself as either as the opposite will be self-inflicted at a later time. You are not special or worthless and neither are others.

The theory behind Freud's psychoanalysis is sound. Ego, Superego, and Id. However, Freud never resolved his own trauma and over-sexualized all aspects of his theory. Interestingly, the trinity of his theory is expressed in the external memes of most major religions. Eg. the holy trinity and Hindu's Brahman, Vishnu, and Shiva. That is another topic for discussion that I call: The Pythogorean Law of religion and psychology.

With conscious realization of a person's worthless/special behavioral pattern, no psycho-analysis is necessary. Simply recognize the behavior, avoid it, and the brain will heal over time.

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